Caring for Your Plant:

Information provided by Lindsey Powell, MS 
Step 1:

Tomato plants grow best in containers that have pre-drilled drainage holes in the bottom with a soil-less potting mix as it offers the most benefits.

Step 2:

Set the tomato plant in a sunny window where it will receive eight or more hours of direct sunlight. Rotate the plant every day so all sides of the tomato receive equal amounts of light. Avoid placing the plant where it touches frozen windows or in an area prone to drafts.

Step 3:

Stick your finger into the top of the potting soil to check moisture. Water when the top  inch begins to feel dry. Add water until it begins draining from the bottom drainage holes. Empty the drip tray after watering.

Step 4:

If your tomato plant is indoors, tap the stem of the tomato plant when the blossoms are open. This encourages pollination and fruit set, since there are no insects inside to handle pollination.

Step 5:
As your tomato plants grow, they will require placing a stake in the pot with string gently tied to the plant in order to prevent them from falling over.

Step 8:
Enjoy your harvest as the tomatoes ripen!  They are ready to eat when they turn red.