Share information about your plant and how the gardening process is going!  :)
5/20/2010 01:37:39 am

This site is looking amazing already!

5/22/2010 04:18:54 am

We are really excited about the 2010 Tomato Project and this new website. Lindsey Powell has done a great job with developing a lot of the content you are finding under healthy eating and exercise tips. And Whitney Waldner has done an amazing job creating this website. As of Friday, we have delivered 77 patio tomato plants to Lexington citizens. If you have one of these new plants, please tell us how it's doing and what you are doing with it. Happy gardening!!

Tracy Slone
6/21/2010 05:00:51 am

Hello, Everyone at Lex-Pro received a beautiful healthy patio plant to take home from the Ky. Tomato Project. We also read and discussed the pamplet with the planting tips provided for us. Each day I get to hear the excitement everyone is feeling as they grow stronger and begin to produce the first tiny tomatoes. We are also sharing the many different ways we can enjoy the fruit. We all agree nothing taste quite like a fresh tomato you grew yourself.

12/5/2010 03:17:37 am

Well, we have some exciting news for 2011! We will be working with the UK Arboretum to develop ongoing activities around gardening and the outdoors. People who are interested in a small container or plot in our accessible garden will be able to apply for space. I think what we need next is a snappy title and a logo!!

7/17/2012 07:29:43 am

Which template is this for your blog?

12/24/2020 02:28:53 am

Thank you for shharing


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